TIMES Montessori Admissions

Why TIMES Montessori?

TIMES Montessori stands out as one of the authentic Montessori schools in Taipei, Taiwan, offering English immersion programs for kids. Our lead teachers are English native speakers who hold AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) diplomas.

Here are the primary distinctions that set TIMES Montessori apart from other Montessori schools in Taiwan:


Adherence to Montessori Philosophy

At TIMES Montessori, we strictly adhere to the Montessori philosophy, without compromising our principles to accommodate Taiwanese culture or conform to Asian mindsets.


Emphasis on Daily Outdoor Play

Come rain or shine, children at TIMES Montessori enjoy one hour of outdoor play every day. We believe in the importance of providing children with regular outdoor experiences, nurturing their physical and mental development.


Freedom of Movement

In our classrooms, children are allowed to move freely, provided they show respect for the environment and their peers.


Cultivating Collaboration and Self-Expression

We actively encourage children to collaborate with their peers, developing their social skills. Furthermore, we create an environment where children feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and needs.

By choosing TIMES Montessori, you can be confident in selecting an authentic Montessori education that offers English immersion, prioritizes daily outdoor play, promotes freedom of movement in the classroom, and encourages collaboration and self-expression among children.