Admissions FAQ

What's the Class Size?

The classroom welcomes up to 30 students, providing a spacious environment. Following AMI guidelines, we include no more than two adults in the classroom, a setup that enhances children's independence, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

When is the school year? 

The school year runs from late August to mid June.

What are the semester dates?

There are two semesters in an academic year. We have a two week Christmas Break, two week Chinese New Year Break and 8-10 weeks Summer Break.

 Summer programs will be available and can be signed up by week.

When is the application deadline?

As spaces are limited, early application in January is recommended for August entry. However, applications are accepted year round and applications made throughout the academic year will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How to Apply from Overseas?

For international families not currently in Taiwan, an online interview can be arranged. Please contact us for further information.

Is there a school bus?

While we don't offer a school bus service, we encourage parents to coordinate pick-up and drop-off. This approach fosters a close-knit community and allows parents to be actively involved in their children's education.

What are the entrance requirements?

While a basic understanding of English and previous Montessori experience can be beneficial, they're not compulsory. We value and prioritize families who show a commitment to the Montessori philosophy, as it extends beyond the school environment into the home culture. This approach helps create a consistent and supportive learning experience for your child.

How do I know if Montessori is right for my child?

Montessori might be a great fit for your child if you identify with the following:

  1. I feel comfortable letting my child learn at their own pace, even when they appear to be "falling behind".
  2.  I value problem solving, critical thinking, practical life and interpersonal skills over academic grades.
  3. I do not reward my child with stickers, points or toys.
  4. I respect my child, but I also set firm boundaries and will not give in when my child is crying or acting out.
  5. I do not believe that children should be pushed to memorize  facts, or have to compare and compete in order to be successful.

These principles align with the Montessori philosophy, promoting a well-rounded and positive educational experience.

What to look for in a Montessori classroom?

Finding the right Montessori classroom for your child involves observing specific characteristics:

  1. Active Interaction: Children are free to walk around, engage with others, and ask questions. A lively and interactive atmosphere is encouraged.
  2. Real and Practical Environment: The setting is grounded in reality, with no toys or fantasy characters, promoting practical learning.
  3. Diverse Learning Materials: Look for a wide variety of materials covering subjects like Math, Language, Cultural studies, Sensorial activities, and Practical life.
  4. Child Accessibility: The classroom design should be accessible to children, allowing them to explore and learn independently.
  5. Hands-On, Self-Directed Learning: Children are encouraged to learn through hands-on experiences, guiding their own learning journey.
  6. Mixed Age Classroom: A blend of different ages fosters peer learning and social development.

These features create a nurturing environment that aligns with Montessori principles, supporting your child's growth and development.

How much does it cost?

The fees for our toddler and preschool programs are as follows:

NT30,000 per semester for registration fee, and NT130,000 per semester for tuition fee.