How to Apply

At TIMES Montessori, we champion creating an inclusive, non-sectarian community. We admit all children between the ages of 3 to 6 from all walks of life, regardless of race, creed, color, or origin.

The Importance of the Early Montessori Experience

Our Montessori program is very important as it introduces the child to the Montessori practices of an ordered environment, uninterrupted work, freedom and responsibility, respect for the environment and others, and the joy of meaningful work and learning. For this reason we give priority admission to new students who have Montessori pre-school experience.

Admission Criteria and Priorities

Here's how we grade applications when spaces are limited:

  1. Existing Students: We prioritize students who return for the next academic year.
  2. Siblings in School: If you already have a child enrolled in our program, you'll get next-in-line priority.
  3. Transfer Students from Montessori Schools: Priority for students coming from other Montessori institutions.
  4. English Language Skills: For 3-year-olds, English skills aren't necessary, but they become increasingly important as your child grows.
  5. New to Montessori: We welcome students with no prior Montessori experience.
  6. Classroom Balance: We aim for a diverse mix of boys and girls and a balanced age distribution in every class.

Waiting List

Sometimes, TIMES Montessori can't accept every student who applies because of space limitations. If you have a child enrolled with us or have been to a Montessori school, you'll move up the list.

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Admission Process

Our team is ready to get you started on your journey within the TIMES community. Here are our application steps:


Contact Us

Reach out with a simple phone call or email. We'll cover the basics, including tuition and semester dates, and answer any immediate questions you may have.


Classroom Visit

Schedule a personal tour for an up-close look at our classrooms and a one-on-one meeting to discuss our programs and the Montessori philosophy in detail.
Overseas Families: We will arrange a Skype or Facetime interview for international families not currently in Taiwan.
Book a tour


Submit Your Application

Feel like we're a good fit? Fantastic! Please apply, specifying your desired start dates. An in-person or virtual meeting is necessary before we make any enrollment offers.
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Admissions Decision

Families are notified of the admissions decision through email generally within one week of the application. Once you receive an offer, you must secure your spot with the registration fee.


Registration Fee

If accepted or waitlisted, you must complete payment of NT$30,000 registration fee to lock in your child’s place at our school.


Parent-Teacher Meeting

Before school starts for the first time, we'll set up a meeting with your child's future teachers. It's the perfect moment to discuss daily schedules and any specific requirements.

Let’s make it official! Take the first step toward an unparalleled education for your child at TIMES Montessori.

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