Montessori English Immersion Program

Discover Taipei's English Montessori Children's House program for 3 to 6-year-olds.

In our Montessori English Immersion program, children lead their learning and choose their activities. With a Montessori education, they build knowledge, social skills, and confidence. Our teachers empower your child to use all available materials, from practical life activities to geography and mathematics. Our students develop:

  • Academic excellence
  • Independence and resilience
  • Increasing confidence
  • Reading, writing, and math foundations
  • A flourishing social life
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Thriving in Our Montessori Community

Counting and Sorting

Our Montessori Program provides a flexible, nurturing learning English environment. Children choose their work, pursue their interests, and progress at their own pace while our skilled teachers assist them. They develop independence and focus while enjoying learning and expanding their minds.

Between 3 and 6, children experience key developmental stages called sensitive periods:

  • Language
  • Order
  • Social skills
  • The senses
  • Writing
  • Small objects
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Spatial relationships
  • Mathematics

Your child learns almost reflexively through interactions with their environment - the absorbent mind. They thrive with carefully sequenced materials tailored to their interests and cognitive development. During these pivotal stages, our Montessori curriculum introduces your child to advanced materials that expand their understanding in these areas.

Our Montessori Teachers

Only lead teacher is Montessori-trained and dedicated to each child's success. Our students receive personalized, one-on-one lessons with our teachers to gain knowledge in:

  • Advanced math
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Botany
  • Language
  • Culture

Our carefully chosen educational materials encourage critical thinking, independence, and a love of learning. Children have time to explore and pursue their education with an uninterrupted three-hour work period. Our teachers guide them to use the materials to their best advantage and self-correct their work.

The mixed-age classroom creates a welcoming space where kids interact with different ages, learn new perspectives, and improve social skills and teamwork. Children move freely in an inviting and structured classroom designed at their level to maximize their capability to lead and learn. The Montessori classroom is perfect for young minds to grow and succeed.

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Explore the Advantages of English Learning

Children Writing in English

Our Montessori program teaches English language, delivering a comprehensive and captivating educational experience. Our mission is to empower students with a solid foundation in English, nurturing confident, fluent speakers.

Students are introduced to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. They are encouraged to use the language naturally and meaningfully. We integrate language learning into cultural activities, games, songs, and stories.

We believe that learning a second language offers significant benefits. It helps your child develop cognitive and problem-solving abilities, enhances communication skills, and broadens their worldview.

English Immersion Program Learning Goals

Maria Montessori created Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) for children between 3 and 6. At this age, children are ready to develop and perfect:

  • Formation of individual letters and numbers
  • Recognition of numbers and rote counting
  • Reading simple sentences and constructing phonetic words
  • Writing and recognizing their name
  • Understanding the decimal system, addition, and subtraction
  • Showing self-confidence and interacting with others
  • Participating in physical activities and following game rules
  • Ability to concentrate and work independently
  • Responding to challenges and demonstrating problem-solving skills

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